Respondus 4.0.2: New Features

Respondus 4.0.2: New Features

We admit that a software update going from version 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 sounds a bit mundane. Probably a bug fix, right?  That’s not the case with Respondus 4.0.2. The latest version includes some (pretty cool) time-saving features. Here’s an overview of three of them.

Media Wizard
An all-new “Media Wizard” appears in Respondus 4.0.2. It simplifies how images, audio, video, and other documents (e.g. PDF, DOC) are added to an assessment. Just follow the prompts as you go along, such as this one:

Respondus Media Wizard - Select File

The same wizard lets you embed videos and images located on other servers, such as YouTube or Picasa.

Respondus Media Wizard - Select File from Server

You can even search YouTube or Picasa directly from the wizard.

Respondus MediaWizard - Search YouTube

Of course, to see what the question will look like when it’s published to your online course, just click the Preview button on the Edit tab.

Respondus Preview of Embedded YouTube Video

Updated Question List
The Question List in Respondus 4.0.2 had a face-lift. A magnifying glass icon to the left of each item enables previewing a question with a single click. To the right of the magnifying glass is a context menu that lets you preview, edit, delete, or change the position of the question, among other options.

Respondus Question List and Context Menu

Also note the new “Expanded View” button at the top right of the Question List. This displays a large version of the question list. And finally, see the spiffy new icons that appear in the question list wherever a media file is embedded.

Randomized Answers in Printing
Respondus users appreciate the ability to print assessments or save them to MS Word format. It’s already been possible to “randomize all” questions in a printed exam or have questions randomized by question type. But now, users can randomize the order of the answer choices with multiple choice questions. This is yet another strategy to thwart students from copying answers from each other during a printed exam.

Updating to Respondus 4.0.2
If Respondus 4.x is already installed, the easiest way to get the 4.0.2 update is to choose “Help” from the menu bar, and select “Check for Update.” If you prefer to manually download and apply the Respondus 4.0.2 update, go to and select the appropriate download link. This page also provides a summary of items related to the update, including bug fixes.

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