In Their Words: “Why We Use Respondus LockDown Browser”

In Their Words: “Why We Use Respondus LockDown Browser”

You’ll find plenty of marketing information on our website giving reasons to use Respondus LockDown Browser. But wouldn’t you rather hear it from users themselves? We thought so.

Prevents students from exiting tests early
“Professors were frustrated over technical failures that would occur during online assessments. Once instructors began having students use Respondus LockDown Browser, the submission failure rate of online tests dropped to almost zero. This alone was worth the price of LockDown Browser.” (Gary Friesen, Taylor University)

Online testing saves paper, and money
“The cost savings of LockDown Browser was entirely unexpected.” (Linda Young, Fanshawe College)

Breaking out is hard to do
“My team has tried many times to find ways to break out of a quiz that is set up with Respondus LockDown Browser. Occasionally, one of us will come up with an idea and give it try. So far, no one on the team has succeeded in breaking RLDB. This makes instructors happy.” (Steve Chestnut, Drexel University)

Easy rollout to instructors
“Respondus LockDown Browser is easy to roll out to faculty. All we need to do is show them where the setting is in Blackboard to turn it on or off. That’s it.” (Steve Chestnut, Drexel University)

A mission-critical application
“If we didn’t have Respondus LockDown Browser, we wouldn’t have online testing in the School of Nursing. It’s as simple as that.” (Anita Kinser Maradiaga, Riverside City College)

An important part of the accrediting process
“Respondus LockDown Browser is playing an important role for Taylor University in demonstrating to accrediting agencies our efforts to ensure the security of online exams.” (Gary Friesen, Taylor University)

Now that you’ve heard from other users, give Respondus LockDown Browser a try for yourself. Institutions can obtain a free, 2-month pilot license by contacting their Respondus account representative or filling out the license agreement available at the bottom of the Respondus LockDown Browser web page.