The All-New Respondus Test Bank Network

The All-New Respondus Test Bank Network

Publisher test banks are an incredible resource for instructors, but trying to use them with online classes can be a real time-burn. The all-new Respondus Test Bank Network changes that by enabling instructors to create online tests — even learning activities and games — in just minutes.

The Respondus Test Bank Network began seven years ago with only a few publishers and 100 test banks. Today, 30 publishers make their official test banks available through the Test Bank Network, with over 3,000 test banks and 10 million questions.

The all-new Test Bank Network uses a cloud-based architecture that offers seamless integration with Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Class. In turn, both Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Class integrate seamlessly with the leading learning management systems, enabling instructors to create online tests or learning activities in minutes, not hours.

One thing that hasn’t changed with the new release of the Test Bank Network is the price — it’s still free to Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Class users who adopt a participating textbook for their course.

We’ve created two brief movies that overview how the Respondus Test Bank Network integrates with Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Class. These movies are the best way to get up to speed.

Here is a brief list of some of the new features:

• User Interface Updates — Accessing the Test Bank Network is simple in both applications.  In Respondus 4.0, a new button appears on the Start tab.

Respondus 4 Test Bank Network Wizard

In StudyMate Class, a new Test Bank Network tab appears at the top of the screen:

StudyMate Class Test Bank Network tab
• Popularity — Each question in a test bank has a “popularity” ranking based on usage by other instructors.

Respondus Test Bank Network Popularity Feature
• Flagging — Flagging allows instructors to identify questions they think are vague, confusing or have an error. A flagged item is seen immediately by other instructors, as well as the publisher.

Respondus Test Bank Network Flag Feature
• Built-in Search & Linking — Test bank searches, registration and linking now occur within the Respondus 4.0 or StudyMate Class applications.

• Up-to-Date Questions — Test banks are accessed from a server, enabling publisher fixes to become immediately available to instructors.

The new enhancements to the Respondus Test Bank Network make it faster and easier to create content for online courses. From start-to-finish, instructors can create assessments and learning activities in as little as 5 minutes.  To learn more about how to use the Respondus Test Bank Network, visit the Respondus website.