Tech Tip: Cleaning Up HTML and Formatting in Respondus 4.0

Tech Tip: Cleaning Up HTML and Formatting in Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is like a Swiss Army knife in how it offers so many tools for adding questions to a project. You can import questions from MS Word files, select questions from a ready-to-use publisher test bank, download questions from an online course, copy questions from the Internet and paste them into the Respondus editor, and so on.

But when questions are obtained from a variety of sources, the Respondus project can end up with a patchwork of fonts and formatting. Questions might even contain fragments of HTML that you didn’t intend to copy from the original source.

If a mix of methods was used to create a Respondus file, you’ll want to clean up the formatting before publishing the exam to an online course or printing it. First, determine whether just a few items need fixing or if the file requires a full scrubbing. To do this, go to the Preview & Publish tab in Respondus, select Preview, and scroll through the questions. If just a few of the questions need cleaning, select the “Modify Item” option and use the standard editor in Respondus.

However, if a more comprehensive, project-wide cleanup is wanted, select File from the menu bar and choose the Cleanup HTML Tool.

Respondus 4.0 Cleanup HTML Tool

The last option, “Remove all HTML commands except basic formatting and tables,” is the most comprehensive method for stripping out HTML and formatting. It will leave the question text, images and basic formatting (such as tables, bold and italics), but all other formatting is removed. The other two options will only strip specific types of formatting and HTML.

Before using the Cleanup HTML tool in Respondus, it’s a good practice to make a copy of the file. Once the formatting and HTML is removed, it’s gone forever.

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