How to Rollout Respondus LockDown Browser

How to Rollout Respondus LockDown Browser

So you just purchased Respondus LockDown Browser for your institution. Now what? To have a successful rollout, put together a plan that supports the goals of your institution. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Distribution Policy
Think about how Respondus LockDown Browser will be distributed at your institution. Specifically, will the software be installed to only computers controlled by the institution, such as those in computer labs or testing centers? Or, will Respondus LockDown Browser be available to students for installation to their own computers?

A “Campus-wide License” allows unlimited installations of Respondus LockDown Browser, so this decision is entirely up to the institution. Most institutions put no limits on the distribution — that is, faculty and students can install it to any computer they want. The remaining institutions either limit the installations to only computers owned by the university, or have some other policy that partially limits the distribution. There is no right or wrong answer, but the distribution affects how the rollout will occur for administrators, instructors and students.

For administrators:
• Install the LockDown Browser integration component for the course management system (this is explained in the administrator guide).
• Enter details of the institution’s course management system (such as the login URL) in the administrator area for Respondus LockDown Browser.
• Depending on the distribution policy (see above), install the client application for Respondus LockDown Browser to the desired computers. Or, provide the download URL to faculty/students. For computers controlled by the institution, desktop management software can be used, or even a “silent install” (more details in this article.)

For instructors:
• For a general orientation, watch the demonstration movie for Respondus LockDown Browser.
• Download the 2-page “Instructor Quick Start Guide” to learn the main features, such as how to set an exam so it will require students to use Respondus LockDown Browser.
• Create a practice, non-graded exam that requires students to use Respondus LockDown Browser. This will familiarize students with the software and ensure everything is installed correctly.

For students:
• If students are installing Respondus LockDown Browser to their own computer, provide them the download URL. Note that this URL is unique to each institution and contains links to both a Windows and Mac version.
• Optionally, provide students the 1-page “Student Quick Start Guide” which contains instructions on installing and using Respondus LockDown Browser.
• Have students take a practice exam that requires Respondus LockDown Browser (this ensures they have the software installed properly and understand how to use it).

That’s pretty much it. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have a successful launch of Respondus LockDown Browser at your institution.

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