Respondus 4.0 Articles

Respondus 4.0 Articles

Are Your Respondus Applications Up-to-Date?
Are you the kind of person who doesn’t update software until it stops working? See what features you’re missing (or what problems you might soon encounter) if you haven’t been updating your Respondus applications.

Tech Tip: Batch Publishing Tests and Surveys with Respondus 4.0
Respondus 4.0 enables you to “batch publish” an exam or survey to multiple courses. Learn how to use this easy, time-saving feature.

Working with Media Files in Respondus 4.0
Are your exams black-and-white-and-text all over? Perhaps it’s time to start enhancing them with images, spreadsheets, movies, and more.

5 Ways to Save Time with Respondus 4.0
You use Respondus 4.0 because it saves time preparing online tests, right? See if you use each of these five ways to save time with Respondus.

Publisher Test Banks: Get Ready for Next Term
Test banks for over 4,000 textbooks are available in a ready-to-use format for Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate users. And they are free to instructors who adopt a participating textbook.

Respondus 4.0: Retrieving Exams From an LMS
Respondus 4.0 can publish and retrieve exams from an LMS. Learn three ways the Retrieval tool will save you a huge amount of time.

Video Tech Tip: Using Preconfigured Server Settings
This brief video shows how to use “preconfigured server settings” with Respondus 4.0 and StudyMate Author. When enabled, instructors can bypass entering details of their LMS server, greatly simplifying the publishing step.

Creating Online Tests from Publisher Test Banks (without the hassle)
Watch this 100-second video and you’ll be ready to save dozens of hours creating online tests from publisher test banks (no more “copy-and-paste” and “import/export”.)

Video Tech Tip: Moving Assessments Between Two Learning Systems
Do you use multiple learning management systems? Is your institution switching learning systems? This brief video from “Dr. Bob” shows how to move an assessment from one LMS to another with Respondus 4.0 — all in about 3 minutes.

Tech Tip: Cleaning Up HTML and Formatting in Respondus 4.0
This tech tip is all about tidying up small messes. Learn how to quickly clean unwanted HTML and formatting from a Respondus 4.0 file.

Respondus 4.0: Question Randomization, Shuffling & Scrambling
Whether you call it question randomization, question shuffling or question scrambling, the concept is the same. Learn how to make the most of this powerful (yet easy-to-use feature) in Respondus 4.0.

Importing Word Files with Respondus 4.0
You probably know colleagues who don’t want to try new software because they are “just fine” doing it their way. Here’s a convincing example of how Respondus 4.0 can save a lot of time creating an online assessment.

Respondus 4.0: Enhancements to the Question List
So you’re a long-time user of Respondus 4.0 and you think you know all the time-saving features it offers. Here are several enhancements to the Question List that you may have missed.

Respondus 4.0: Administrator Tips for a New Term
If you administer or support the Respondus 4.0 license at your institution, these five tips will ensure a smooth start for a new term.

Resource Roundup
Here is a consolidated set of links to webinars, demonstration movies, sandboxes, and pilot licenses for each of our products. Find what you want in one click.

Respondus 4.0.2 Enhancements
Respondus 4.0.2 isn’t a minor bug fix. It includes several time-saving features you won’t want to miss, including an all-new Media Wizard.

Respondus to the Rescue
A customer recently told us how Respondus saved him from having to redo weeks of work. These tips might rescue you some day, too.

Tech Tip: Moving Assessments from One LMS to Another
Respondus 4.0 makes it easy to move assessments from one learning management system to another. Here’s how it’s done.

Tech Tip: Changing Point Values in Respondus
Here are two time-saving tips for changing the point values of questions in Respondus.

Tech Tip: Batch Publishing an Assessment
Publishing an assessment or survey to multiple courses is easy. Learn how to use this time-saving “Batch Publishing” feature in Respondus.

Simple Setup: No Manual Server Settings Required
The campus-wide versions of Respondus and StudyMate Author have a new feature that lets you skip the “server setup” step in the Publish Wizard.

Calculated and Algorithmic Questions with Respondus
Do you know why the math and science teachers are smiling? Because Respondus now allows the creation of numeric problems that use formulas and variables.

The Wall Street Journal’s “Weekly Quiz” in Respondus Format
The Journal-In-Education program helps faculty and students use The Wall Street Journal to enhance the learning experience. The Wall Street Journal now offers weekly quizzes in Respondus format so faculty can easily publish them to Blackboard, ANGEL, Desire2Learn, eCollege, Moodle, and other e-learning platforms.

Importing Respondus Files with StudyMate Author
Learn how to create StudyMate Author activities (fast!) from existing materials. This is a must-read article for people who use both Respondus and StudyMate Author.

Feature Highlight: Respondus Exam Wizard
Have you discovered the “Exam Wizard” in Respondus? It is the easiest way to select exam questions from a publisher test bank or from an existing set of Respondus files.

Tech Tip: “Importing Questions with HTML”
Sometimes you want to import questions containing HTML as “text” and other times you want the HTML to be interpreted by the browser as a block of HTML. Respondus can import the HTML both ways, but you have to tell it what you want.

Randomizing Questions in Exams
Most course management systems include a feature that allows questions to be randomized during an exam. If you thought you needed to be a “power user” to take advantage of this feature, you’re wrong! A one-step wizard in Respondus makes it possible to randomize a set of questions in seconds.

Where Do I Find It in Respondus?
You know the feature must be in Respondus somewhere, but where? For those of you who never look at online help or user guides, this short article will discuss three “hidden” tools in Respondus: the table editor, spell checking and add-on language dictionaries, and preference settings.