Respondus LockDown Browser Articles

Respondus LockDown Browser Articles

A Campus Increases Adoption of Online Testing
Oklahoma Christian University embarked on a mission to increase the use of online tests. Here is their story.

Are Your Respondus Applications Up-to-Date?
Are you the kind of person who doesn’t update software until it stops working? See what features you’re missing (or what problems you might soon encounter) if you haven’t been updating your Respondus applications.

Does a Proctored Lab Need Respondus LockDown Browser?
“Our proctored testing lab is the reason we (circle one) NEED / DON’T NEED LockDown Browser.”

The Best Time to Pilot Respondus LockDown Browser
Here are five things you’ll want to know about piloting Respondus LockDown Browser, including the best time to start the pilot.

An Institution Responds to Online Cheating
Respondus LockDown Browser solves a problem at the College of the North Atlantic.

Video Tech Tip: Student Installation of LockDown Browser
This video, designed for students, shows how to install Respondus LockDown Browser. It’s brief, it’s easy, and there are separate movies for PC and Mac users.

Why Students Cheat
David Smetters, CEO of Respondus, delves into the issue of why students cheat.

Respondus LockDown Browser for Sakai
Respondus LockDown Browser now integrates with Sakai’s SAMigo and Mneme assessment engines.

Respondus LockDown Browser: There’s More To It
Its name reveals what Respondus LockDown Browser does — it “locks down” the online testing environment. But several lesser-known features make this all possible. Here are four of these features.

Implementing a Successful Pilot of LockDown Browser
Here are five steps for rolling out a successful pilot of Respondus LockDown Browser.

In Their Words: “Why We Use Respondus LockDown Browser”
Sure, we could list many reasons to use Respondus LockDown Browser, but we let our customers do the talking in this article.

How to Rollout Respondus LockDown Browser
Rolling out Respondus LockDown Browser to your institution can be easy, if you have a game plan.

Tech Tip: When Students Use the Wrong LockDown Browser Link
Learn how to recognize when students have used the wrong download link for Respondus LockDown Browser and how to resolve it.

Resource Roundup
Here is a consolidated set of links to webinars, demonstration movies, sandboxes, and pilot licenses for each of our products. Find what you want in one click.

Using Respondus LockDown Browser with Multiple LMSs
Your university has multiple learning management systems, and wants to use Respondus LockDown Browser. Can the same browser be used with both systems? Are two licenses required? Here are the answers.

Respondus LockDown Browser: The Student Experience
Getting students up-and-running with Respondus LockDown Browser is a simple process. Just follow these 4 steps.

Five Little-Known Reasons to Use Respondus LockDown Browser
You probably know the top reasons instructors use Respondus LockDown Browser. Here are five reasons that might surprise you.

Respondus LockDown Browser: Unexpected Benefits and Savings
Two institutions describe unexpected benefits and cost savings from using Respondus LockDown Browser.

Tech Tip: Silent Installations of Respondus LockDown Browser
This tech tip is a bit deeper than most, but it’s quite useful if you’re trying to do a “silent install” of Respondus LockDown Browser.

Tech Tip: Allowing Printing & Calculators with Respondus LockDown Browser
Respondus LockDown Browser prevents printing and the use of other applications during an exam. But what if the instructor wants to have students print the exam or use a calculator? Here’s how to do it.

Using LockDown Browser with Audio, Video and PDFs
A common mistake can cause audio, video and PDF files to be blocked during online tests that use Respondus LockDown Browser. Here’s how to avoid the problem.

Top FAQs for Respondus LockDown Browser
Did you miss our recent webinar series on Respondus LockDown Browser? Here are the questions most frequently asked by attendees.

Do Your Students Use Wikipedia & Google During Tests?
Online testing has many benefits, but it also opens the door to new types of cheating. Learn how one professor discovered that students were doing Internet searches during weekly quizzes, and what he did to stop it.